About Us

Apostle’s Creek hails from Central Missouri. 

Apostle’s Creek draws its musical influence from many sources! Definitely on the pop rock side of things, Apostle’s creek performs music that spans 7 decades and then throws in some original music to boot! Apostle’s Creek is heavily influence by the Beatles and features strong vocal harmonies. 

The Creek features:

Mike Gorman on vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin, and trampoline. 
Travis Thornhill on guitar, keyboard, and vocals
Cindy Gorman on vocals & percussion
Matt Morris on vocals and guitar
Jonathan Griffin on bass

The strength of the group is vocal harmony and performance music runs the gamut from oldies, to country, to pop to originals.

Here is the real story (of how Apostle’s Creek began): On this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus formed the very first incarnation of Apostle’s Creek while sailing to the Americas. Columbus thought that having five members of the crew sing songs would distract the other men from the fact that they had no fresh water and an abundance of disease infected rats.  Columbus was wrong and the first members of Apostle’s Creek were thrown over the side of the Santa Maria where they were quickly eaten by sharks who apparently also didn’t like music

Here is the other real story (of how Apostle’s Creek began):

It was a dark and stormy night in the year of our Lord 1776.  June 27th – the US Congress had just adopted the Statement of Independence and sent it to the printer.  The printer was a man who has since been forgotten by history, but not by me, for you see he was my great, great, great, great, great, pretty good, Grandfather Samuel James Gorman.  As he liked to drink a bit, when John Adams presented grandfather with the Statement of Independence and asked for twenty-five copies, grandfather tripped over his cat Charlotte, knocked over an oil lamp and accidentally burned his shop to the ground. Of course, the Statement of Independence was destroyed in the fire and Congress had to re-write the entire thing from memory and notes written on cocktail napkins from the “Hen and Hog Pub” (where as it turns out, much of the US Constitution would later be written).

In the re-writing of the document Congress toyed with renaming the Statement of Independence.  Congress considered The Announcement of Independence, The letter of “Hey We’re Independent”, The Really Loud Shout of Independence, but of course they finally settled on the Declaration of Independence.  So, you see without my great, great, great, great, great, pretty good, Grandfather, things would look very different today!

When you come to hear us play live, ask why we have a possum on top of our tip bucket!